Kollagen Intensiv 2oz Jar to Reduce Wrinkles and have Healthy Beautiful Skin
Kollagen Intensiv 2oz Jar to Reduce Wrinkles and have Healthy Beautiful Skin
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Kollagen Intensiv 2oz Jar to Reduce Wrinkles and have Healthy Beautiful Skin




Take Years Off Your Face With This Swiss-Derived Skin Care Formula That is Clinically Proven to Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles by Up to 354%!

What you're about to read will convince you of two things.

First, Kollagen Intensiv™ is the single most convenient, affordable and effective route to vibrant facial skin with a visible reduction of wrinkles.

And second, you'll question why on Earth would anyone get Botox or synthetic injections that can cost thousands of dollars each year when you can enjoy the same results at a fraction of the cost.


A Scientific Breakthrough

There's magic in Kollagen Intensiv™. And at the center of it is Syn-Coll®, a patented peptide that stimulates natural production of collagen, for a youthful appearance, with:

  • fewer wrinkles and fine lines

  • thicker, more resilient skin

  • brighter complexion

  • less sun damage and age spots

  • hydration and moisture retention

In a clinical study, participants applied Syn-Coll® twice daily over 84 days. On the study's conclusion, even the study leads were amazed by the results...

Wrinkles were reduced by up to 354% when compared to the placebo - in less than three months!

And skin texture was improved by 201%


All You Need in a Single Jar

What's in your bathroom cabinet?

If you're serious about beauty, you've got a moisturizer. You might have a night cream. And you've probably got some of those paraben-laden anti-wrinkle creams from your local pharmacy.

Feel free to return them. Because as of this moment, Kollagen Intensiv™ meets all these requirements, with wrinkle treatment during the day and while you sleep and a 24 hour moisturizer.

Parabens are out. Natural skin care ingredients, including shea butter and retinol are in, with safe, yet extremely potent patented peptides that stimulate natural production of youth-friendly collagen.

Just apply Kollagen Intensiv™ twice a day – once in the morning and again in the evening...

Then sit back and watch as wrinkles fade and years just vanish from your face.






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